Our History

The law firm now known as Kopp McKichan, LLP, traces its roots back to July 1, 1901 when A.W. Kopp opened the office on the Roseliep block in Platteville, WI. Kopp was an 1898 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, which he completed in just two years. During the early years, Kopp opened an office in Belmont, WI where he would spend every Friday. His first job as a lawyer was drawing up a deed for which he was paid one silver dollar.

In 1907, Kopp associated with Louis Brunkhorst who later became a partner. That partnership lasted until 1942 when Kopp was elected as a judge.

Eventually, several of the early partners and their sons expanded the firm and for many years carried the name Kopp, McKichan, and Geyer. Other partners have included Patrick Clare and former Grant County Circuit Court Judge George Curry.

The current partners include:

  • Mac McKichan, Jr.
  • Thomas Geyer
  • Kim John Skemp
  • Sheila Stuart Kelley
  • Michael Olds
  • Nathan Curry