Grant County Personal Injury Lawyers

When you suffer an injury as the result of the negligence of another, it can be overwhelming to try to deal with the matter yourself. The injury undoubtedly caused great financial, mental, physical and emotional hardships for you and your family. You may be entitled to compensation for wage loss, lost future earnings, medical expenses as well as for the pain and suffering that the injury has caused. The attorneys at Kopp McKichan, LLP are prepared and able to fight for you to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and to help you and your family begin to recover from the injuries that have changed your life.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are so frequent that everyone has either been in one or knows someone who has. Many of the accidents people are involved with are not serious, but unfortunately, some cause major injury or even death. Those involved may be faced with mounting costs of medical bills, funeral costs, lost income, pain and suffering and expensive vehicle repairs. Our attorneys and trained staff can help you wade through the difficult process of seeking a fair and just recovery.

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